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Hi, Firstly welcome thank you for taking the time to find out what we are about! As we move more and more into a digital world there is a greater need to get yourself out there. People like us, non profit organisations, local businesses, corporate business and many more are creating an online identity to make information about who you are and make it accessible to a wider audience.

Here is were we fit in, We started in 2011 to offer web design services to local business across the UK, and worldwide. We are based in Plymouth, UK. Unlike other industries where to be a “Professional” you would need a degree of some sort but the beauty with web design and development, it’s a talent, a passion a hobby. A large percentage of Web designer and developments do not possess a degree they get notice by displaying their work, you could call this our CV and like us we started this business as a hobby and having companies like ourselves helping with your online identity you will get a more personal approach and in turn positive results. We take more pride in our work and our clients. Having this start as a hobby you know we love what we do and this only reflects in our work.

Over the years we’ve had clients from all over the world, from companies in the Seychelles to companies in New York and London. This is something we are very proud of to display our work on the world stage. Check out our work for more information. Here at Roundhouse we appreciate as a starting company that extra expenditure is a tough thing to manage, as they say you need to spend money to earn money, which is true but we are here to help you grow. You Grow, We Grow. So we offer the chance to pay a month fee to help manage your finances better, for more information check out our services page.

Our services include Web design, development and maintenance, corporate design e.g logos and/or stationery, search engine optimization (SEO), hosting, emails & domain purchasing.

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